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1 year ago

Little late than never to show you ladies my order from MAC Cosmetics. Here are the gems I ordered from the MAC Cosmetics website.

I usually don`t go all crazy ordering from the MAC collections, but ever since last year. I`ve been splurging way too much money on MAC Cosmetics Limited Edition packagings.

I missed out on the Alluring Aquatic last year, but wasn`t going to missed out this hot Summer collection for 2015. This is the MAC Wash & Dry Collection.

Without hesitating on what to get I had a list of what I wanted. For this collection I was iffy about buying a blush so I didn`t. After feeling blah about not ordering it I purchased it from Nordstrom. I`ll get back to you on that with a different post.

Okay! Let`s get started on what I purchased from this ahhhh-mazing collection. I got the Studio Sculpt Defining Bronzing Powder in Golden Rinse, Steam Heat Lipstick and the High-Light Powder in Freshen Up. These three products came out to be $95 for something! Isn`t that crazy? Yes? No?

Studio Sculpt Defining Bronzing Powder in Golden Rinse - For the bronzing powder I had such a hard time deciding which one I should get. Honestly, I wanted the Matte Bronzer, but I told myself I can always get a Matte Bronzer. Heck I might`ve one or more in my collection. So yeah! I decided to get the Studio Sculpt Defining Bronzing Powder in Golden Rinse. What I like about this one is that it`s different. Since I have the other shade in a different Limited Edition packaging. I thought I`ll go with a different shade. I love how light it is and not orangey. Plus I was loving the name of this product.

Steam Heat Lipstick - Out of the three lipsticks. Steam Heat was the only one caught my eyes. Actually Cream d` Nude was also calling my name. I have yet to find the perfect nude getting this one was eh. Plus I already purchased their recent nude collection lipsticks like Oxblood, Boca and the Free As A Butterfly. I love wearing Red lipsticks so I went ahead and get this. Truthfully the packaging was too pretty! I`m a sucker for pretty packaging. Eeek!

High-Light Powder in Freshen Up - Out of three of the gems I purchased from the Wash & Dry collection. Freshen Up was the most talked product! It`s one of their beautiful high-light powder. A lot of people said it`s just an overspray(top) which will go fades as you use it. Heck it was too pretty to pass up! Reality hit me hard when I found out it was holy smokes $35.50. I guess from the look of it was worth it?

Overall- Lord I can`t wait to use these babies. I might start with some swatches if I have time on the side to do that. This is THE collection you need to have in your life. Pretty expensive, but worth every penny. Yikes.


1. Did you end up ordering anything from this collection?
2. What are you hit and miss products you think wasn`t worth the hype?

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