Marie`s Empties Part 4

1 year ago

1. Ecotool Loofah: A loofah is my to go thing when it comes to showering. If I can remember I got this Loofah for free. Thanks to couponing (at that time) I managed to get this for free. What I love about Loofah is that it`s easy to use. I use mines everyday when I take a shower. I love lathering my all time favorite body wash which you`ll see in the next post.

2. I`ve been using the Tone body wash brand for the longest time. Here you see I finished one bottle, but then I`m almost done with the other bottle. With the 33% extra I get a lot of use of out this. The scent I got is the Cocoa Butter and Mango Splash. This body wash is amazing. What I love about it is that you don`t need a lot of it. It`ll eventually bubbles up where you`ll get more used out of it. I would so purchase this again, but not until I`m done using my other brands of body wash. I recommend everyone!

3. Thanks to couponing Gud from Burt Bees happens to be another brand I got lucky to try for free! I can`t remember the actually breakdown, but there were marked clearance for sure. This happens to be one of my favorite body wash as well. Smells delicious. The body wash leaves a natural body wash feeling, the scent of Orange petalooza Orange blood flowers. I have one more bottle to use as well. I`ve never heard of this brand before, but so happy I got to try it. I don`t think I would buy it again unless I get it for a decent price. They`re $6-$7 each.

4. Ahhhhh!! Aussie Moist 3 Minute Miracle Deep Treatment is one of my HOLY GRAIL product. I`ve been using this product for a few years now. I always catch myself going back to it. The reason why I love it so much is that it smells good and leaves my hair feeling healthy. Not like my hair is damage or anything, but the Aussie Moist 3 Minute Miracle Deep Treatment leaves an amazing touch! Forreals though I rather use this than any regular conditioner. I totally recommend you ladies to try this. You`ll be obsessed like me.

All of my empties are purchased by my own money. Besides that I will let you know if I got it from a friend or was sponsored by a company like Influenster, Klout and PinchMe.


1. Have you ever tried any of these products before?
2. What are some of your favorite body wash?

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