Marie Owns FIVE Essie Shine Of The Times

4 years ago

Yes ladies! You read that right! If you`re wondering why do I have five or do I really need five in my collection? Let`s start off where and how I got them first.

The first time I laid my eyes on this collection was one I grabbed a book of coupons from Walgreens. They were introducing this collection for the first time and OMG! I knew I had to get these in my collection. I didn`t really care for all of them because all I wanted were this one.

After returning to the local Nail Supply store I was happy to find these. I picked up two which are the ones that doesn`t have the word Essie on it. One for myself and one of the member who asked me to get it if I can. Obviously I haven`t sent her stuff out yet! Shame on me. Lol!!! I will soon! I promise.

Secondly, about two or three months ago I stopped by Rite Aid after work. This is when miracles happens! This was the time I spotted a bunch of nail polishes for cheap. I`m still behind posting them too! Sigh! But yeah! When I saw these for $2.50 heck no I`ll won`t pass this deal up! Lol!!! That`s a dollar cheaper I can get at the Nail Supply store.

Finally, yet again a trip after work to CVS had me cheesing hard. I found this nail polish for... Drum rolls please. Hold onto your seats now. $1.95! I didn`t care if I had three plus one for a member. I bought it anyways! Crazy huh?

That`s how I ended with five Essie. I`m planning to send one to that member and maybe do a small giveaway on one of them eh? Maybe. :)

Like I said earlier in my post that Shine Of The Times was the only one I was looking forward to. Flakies!!! LOVE!

1. Have you gotten the chance to pick this up yet?
2. Would you like this in your flakies collection?

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