Marie Lisa`s Homemade Salad.

5 years ago

Yesterday after work I was hungry so I ate rice and spam. Typical Vietnamese dinner if you`re not in the mood to cook! Lol

But yeah! I was still hungry! So I remembered tweeting about wanting a salad. So I looked inside my fridge to see what in the world I can use. Here`s a following items I found for my salad. :D

1. Greens - we had fresh mixed greens from the night before. I chopped them into small pieces.

2. Turkey for sandwich - don`t have ham? Use turkey meat that goes in your sandwich. Just chopped them into small pieces.

3. Slice cheese - found slice cheese first so I chopped them into small pieces as well.

4. Shredded cheese - found this after I already chopped my slice cheese. I love cheese! :)

5. Cucumbers - fresh leftover cucumbers from the night before. Use it all for my salad.

6. Carrots - caught baby bag carrots at the parade. ;) I surely did go there. Lol

7. Ranch sauce my typical favorite salad dressing.

8. Bacons - gotta love the bacons! Who doesn`t?

Overall, I was happy I got to eat salad. Gathering a bunch of stuff to make what you enjoy eating is pretty awesome! Not only that I made a big giant bowl of salad. I love eating it!

1. Do you like eating salad?
2. Do you buy your own salad or buy store bought?

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