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After a year and a few months I finally cashed out to my FIRST prize! I`ve been eyeing this particular camera since day one. January 26, 2011 is when I first joined so it took me nearly 10 months to get where I had to get. I had goals through the months I worked my butt off. My goals were to get it before I went to Vegas in late October. Failed! Get it for my Birthday in early November! Failed! Finally I cashed out at the end of November.

Long story short, processing took about three weeks, but right when I found out the T31 was in the shop I knew I had to canceled my order. Why get the old one when I have enough points for the new one. As months went by I waited and waited... What I was waiting for you asked? I have no idea, but finally again I cashed out on February 6, 2011. Throughout the whole entire month I had a few old and newer posts I had to fix. Due to being a Mobile user!!! It took me awhile to get it done because I don`t have a laptop at the moment. Its messed up so imagine me blogging from my phone since December. Yup! From today I still am... I give myself props because it has been nearly 4 months I`ve been blogging through my iPhone 4S! D:

So finally my order was completed and boy I felt so happy everything is over! I actually received my camera last month! I got it within a week! I was shocked how quickly it was! I haven`t had the time to sit and take pictures of the actually camera. A box I can, but I want to be able to show you everything whenever I get a chance! I`ve been busy working and it`s hard trying to balance it out! But yeah! I can`t wait to put it to use. Oh yeah! The UPS left my package outside and imagine someone could`ve stolen it! That would be hella messed up if someone did!

I would like to thank Amy, Stephen and Ana for helping me with everything! I also would thank ALL the people who helped me through this incredible journey! Without you guys I don`t think I`ve made it that far! Thanks again and I love all my supporters to dear heart!

<strong> News Flash:</strong> To thank all of my supporters I am slowly putting all the prizes I bought over the past months together! A giveaway will be up soon as I get to it! To all my international peeps you`re more welcome to join! Until then keep on commenting because you may be my lucky winner.

02/06/12 - Order created
02/27/12 - Order processing (had to fix sharelinks without a laptop!)
03/01/12 - Order completed
03/09/12 - Order received

1. What was your first prize ever?
2. What`s your next prize going to be?

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P.S. I know this goes under Community, but there aren`t any email for it if I send it through Mobile. I`ll get someone to move it to Community for me. Just saying.

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