Marie Lisa`s Diaper Cake Creativity !

5 years ago

Creativity is what I do best! I like to bring my ideas to a whole new level. I don`t do this for living, but I do it for fun! That`s my statement I came up with! :D

Having to find out my dear old colleague, co worker and partner n crime was having a baby. I couldn`t be any happier for her. We both consider each other Bonnie & Clyde! :) I should say we became closer and closer by the day. It has been nearly seven years I`ve known her. Time flies when you grow older for real. I went to massage school with her, work with her, went to her wedding and now her baby shower? That`s amazing how a friendship can last forever!

I`ve decided to make her a diaper cake because its something different! Not only its a diaper cake, but I added a little details to it. I added basically a whole entire baby outfit! Seven pieces to be exact. And guess what? This was made from last night. Procrastination much? Lol I didn`t know what or how I was going to do it, but I played around it and boom! This is what I came up with.

I corporate the clothing and baby items to make an actual baby figure. The legs and feet of the baby is actually the arm part of the shirt. I stuffed diapers on both end and slipped a pairs of booties on. I bet you didn`t know that huh? Lol I took onesies and "try" my best to make it look like icing on the cake. Half White and half strips! I used the hat as the top layer which look pretty simple. I didn`t want to over do it!

Oh yeah! Yes, those are diapers underneath. I bought a box of 72 diapers and didn`t really use all of it. I bought bottles that comes in a set of three. Hmm... What else... I added mini baby traveling goodies. I bought the wrong color ribbons since the Baby Yellow ribbons kinda blends in with the bottom Yellow clothing. Oh well! I think it came out looking good only because I made it. Lol I got a lot of compliments and suggestion on selling these. :D

1. Have you ever tried making your own diaper cake?
2. What are your thoughts on what I came up with?

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