Marie Lisa`s 1st Project 10 Pan

5 years ago

First and foremost I would love to thank my friend, /member/Barbarasbeautybar for convincing me to do this. I`m the type of person who have a lot of makeup, nail polishes and wants to stop buying period! It`s hard because it`s addicting! I blame Luuux because my collections has grown massively ever since I joined this website! D: Besides that I`ve decided to start my own 1st Project 10 Pan. I`ve decided to pick out ten items I really want to finish using. There are some items I would repurchase, but my whole concept is going to be different. I wanted to change a few things like finish using these products. Instead of buying more and more I`ll just start using what I have. Trust me I`m set for LIFE with makeup & nail polishes! Lol Marie Lisa`s 1st Project 10 Pan:
Purifying Clay Masque in Mandarin This is one my favorite masque. I purchased this from TJ Maxx awhile back for only $3.99! What I love about this masque is that it has this heat feeling when you wait for it to dry. Also this face masque has Aloe Vera which is great for your face. Even though I love it, but I don`t think I`ll repurchase is because I have two other masque I need to start & finish using. Lol
Rimmel London Gentle Eye Make Up Remover I was some what organizing my train case and stumbled upon this. I`ve decided to finish using it since I`ve used 90% of it already. I switch from wipes to water makeup remover from time to time. It works as a charm, but no I won`t repurchase it just because I have other wipes, remover I need to finish using as well. These are great for removing waterproof mascara.
MAC Studio Fix in NC35 I was introduce to this by a MAC makeup artist. I got a makeup over by her and I love how it came out. I purchased it and really want to finish using it. I would repurchase this any day.
MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NC30 This product has SPF 15 which is good! Another product introduce to me by a MAC artist. I love this as much as the MAC Studio Fix. Yes, I would repurchase this product!
Cover Girl Tru Blend This would`ve to be my favorite drugstore foundation. It`s a whipped foundation which is very smooth when you apply them. I bought this certain product at Target for the first time. It was on sale for $1 something. I fell in lover, but sad to hear they were discontinued. :/ A year later I found them at Big Lots for $2.00! I still have a backup jar so no repurchasing anytime soon. This product last a very long time!
MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre My first Paint Pot from MAC. I bought this when I had my first MAC makeover I use this product everyday and as you can see I hit jar already! This stuff lasted me a year or so. Crazy huh? I would repurchase this certain shade, but I have another one in a different color. We`ll see.
MAC Powder Blush in Fashion Frenzy (Satin) OMG! This would`ve to be my holy grail blush! I would actually buy more of this because it`s my favorite blush ever! The perfect Pink! I bought this at the CCO in Mississippi two years ago? Love it! I`ll repurchase this without a doubt! Lol
OPI Drip Dry My sister gave me this awhile back, but I had it stash some where. Lol. This is when you have too many products! I love this product because all you need is two drops and wait a few minutes for it to dry. Simple as that. Yes! I`m planning to repurchase this since I used 95% of it already! Lol
Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Lipstick in Soft Orchid Lord baby Jesus! This is another holy grail product I would repurchase over and over again. I usually don`t finish using all my lipstick, but dang you should see what I have left. Lol. I used 95% and trust me it`s my favorite! I bought this at Tuesday Morning one and a half years ago eh? Well, I bought one to try it out and surely did go back to buy more. I bought two, but one with a different shade. Since I love it so much I wanted to buy more back ups, but they don`t sell it anymore! There were a bunch left at that one time! I got it for only $1.99! The perfect shade!
Burt`s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm One of my favorite top lip balm. I first start using this a few years ago! Walmart had the kit on sale so I bought two packs! Right then and there I loved it! I used this everyday still! I have backups so that`s why I want to be to finish using this. I think I finished two tubes already? Lol I gave a few lip balms away to my fambam. They look like they needed it. Rofl! Yes ! I would repurchase, but then I have other lip balm need to be use. :D Overall, there were so many products I would repurchase, but I have so many products that need some love too! Hopefully, I can keep you ladies updated with this project! I hope you enjoyed my post and have a wonderful day! Whew! I can`t believe I typed this whole entire thing through mobile. :p Questionnaire: 1. Have you ever tried any of these products? 2. Have you started your own Project 10 Pan before? Follow, rate & comment! Images are mines. beauty

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