Marie Lisa CVS Finds! Saved $64.15!!!

5 years ago

Yes! You read that right ladies! This is how everything went down. Last night Marlene Instagram messaged me and told me "It`s a 10" products were on sale for $2! I`m such a newbie because I thought she meant you get ten items for $2! Lol Then I went on Nouveaucheap to check what in the world she was talking about! Come to find out it`s an actually product! Lol

Late last night Yaz posted her products and say someone made a mistake pricing them. I didn`t really care if it was a mistake or not. Haha! So the next day which is today. I went to the CVS that`s about 4 or 5 minutes away. I went and found the actual product. It was right by the Red Box so I scanned it to make sure and bam it was regular price. I knew it was going to happen because there was a sticker over the regular barcode. Boo!

As I was leaving I forgot the front store always have these tall metal pieces like the ones I posted on my other Beauty post. People always seem to find good deals "at the end" of the aisle, but guess what I found? ALL OF THIS! :) Okay, I was looking and looking and found a bunch of stuff. Right then and there I knew I needed a basket! Lol I dig and dig and got all the stuff I wanted to scan. I was shock on the prices on every items I had scanned on. Heck yeah! Jackpot! Okay! I told myself I had to chill out on shopping Beauty and nail polishes wise. I knew I couldn`t pass this up so yeah. I left CVS with 16 items and it`s a 10 wasn`t any of them! Lmao!

I will do separate post throughout the week for a better view. The name of the products, brand and prices wise. You`ll be shock how much the products were. That`s the reason why I wait to buy products. I can get them for cheap! Hella cheap!
Total: $22.74
-$1.00 ECB
= $21.74
SAVED: $64.15
16 products in total!

1. Guess how many nail polishes do I have now? Last counted was 240 which was last year? Lol
2. Which do you want to try?

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