Marie Callender`s - Chicken Teriyaki

4 years ago

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<div style="RIGHT: auto">I picked up this M<var></var>arie Callender`s Chicken Teriyaki meal at the market a while ago and it has been sitting in my freezer waiting for an opportunity for me to eat it.&nbsp; That opportunity came yesterday after the dinner I had made for my boyfiend and I ended up in the garbage.&nbsp; Since there wasn`t quite an option 2 available for dinner it was a bit of a "fend for yourself" scenario. This is what I had as my fend for yourself dinner (hah).&nbsp; I typically don`t purchase Marie Callender`s meals because they are typically very high in calories and fat -- but this one was relatively low in fat (3.5 grams if I recall correctly) and around 270 calories.&nbsp; It worked out to be 7 Weight Watchers Points Plus Vaues for this.&nbsp; It`s similar to one of those Healthy Choice steamer baskets where the rice, chicken and veggies were seperated from the sauce -- which is good for those people who don`t like
sauce or don`t like a whole lot of sauce.&nbsp; All you do is dump the steamed rice, chicken and veggies into the sauce and mix up -- or you could remove some of the sauce to incorporate it to be as "saucy" as you`d like.&nbsp; I left it as is and ended up adding in some steamed green beans I had available to "bulk" it up a bit more. I did enjoy it and felt it was a good "go to" frozen dinner to have on hand whenever the time may strike.</div>
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