Marie $2 Essie, $1.25 Color Clubs Haul!!!

4 years ago

Ahhh! Pinch me if only you can! Last week I posted about spotting a bunch of nail polishes on sale at Rite Aid. I was just getting off from work and decided to go to Rite Aid just for the heck of it! I made my way to the Beauty section, but told myself I`ll come back. I wanted to see if there was anything on sale so I made my way back of the store by the end cap.

Right when I turned lawd baby Jesus! I spotted a bunch of nail polishes on sale. It was like a dream, but in real life like. I saw Essie nail polishes for $2 (originally $8) and guess what? I saw the new Essie Summer 2012 Bikini So Teeny Collection! I knew I had to snatched these before anyone did. Lol! I surely walked back in the front to go grabbed a shopping cart. Forget the basket!

I started grabbing all the Essie polishes I don`t have. I`m sure you see a few repeats in my cart and yes! It`s a few repeats. I`m picking up a few for a friend and a few to give away? Essie wasn`t the only brand I picked up! I found Color Clubs nail polishes for only $1.25 originally priced at $4.99! I found six pastels Color Clubs so I snatched those too! I saw the glitter ones from the Take Wings collection, but I`m trying to void it. I can`t believe I bought 19 nail polishes for $40.50! I saved over $100! I have listed the transaction so please see how much I saved!!!

<strong> The transactions: </strong>
13 Essie x $8.00 = $104
13 Essie x $2.00 = $26

<strong> Saved: $78.00!!!! :D </strong>

6 Color Club x $4.99 = $29.94
6 Color Club x $1.25 = $7.50

<strong> Saved: $22.44!!!! :D </strong>

Total: <strong>$133.94 </strong>without the sale price!!!
Total saving: <strong>$100.44 </strong>with sale price!!!

This picture was taken in the store. I`ll do separate post on what I got in a couple of days. One of the Essie was $8 so I didn`t get it! Also I just realized last night one of the Color Clubs were $4.99 so I`m thinking about returning it and get something else. With that being said $4.99 can get me 4 of the $1.25 Color Clubs! Genius huh? Lol There are so many nail polishes on sale I hope I don`t go back and pick up some more. :X

Click the link for last weekend post, pictures!!

<strong>Questionnaire: </strong>
1. Have you stopped by Rite Aid yet?
2. Do you have any of these shades?

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