March Glymm vs Topbox Review

5 years ago

Im seriously thinking about cancelling one of my boxes because I feel like I dont need to be subscribed to 2, but I actually enjoyed what I got in both boxes this month, and will subscribe to both till.. who knows when I get bored I guess.. so starting off with glymm...
1. M.asam vino perfect mousse - I did some research not much came up on this product its a european brand, i believe this is a mousse foundation sample it is way too dark for me but ill throw it in my kit for when I do makeup on other people I like the consistency of it it blends really well.
2. ocean nail plosh - I got a red shade thats metallic I have not heard nor tried this brand before, and still havent since this is more of a christmas shade, its not personally my favorite color or finish for that color to wear so I may just give it to someone.
3. Nu-me feather extension - I dont love the color of this I wish it was hot pink! & when I took it out of the packaging it doesnt come with clips so im pretty sure Ill end up going to sallys to buy clips to turn this into a clippable extension although its worth $25 thats cool.
4. Anastasia lipgloss - I love the consistency of this its a pretty color, cute packaging, all around one of my fave things in this months box.
5. coupe eclat - Never heard of this before, I havent tried it, its sitting with my lise watier visible lift things, I dont really use eye lifters/brightners anything of that sort but Ill try it out eventually I guess...

1. Simple makeup wipes - I LOVE that we got 7 - a weeks worth of a sample, these are apparently the UK`s number 1 brand of makeup wipes, ive heard these are now sold at walmart? Ive been using garnier wipes for evs! but once in a while I like to try something new and Ill definitely use these!
2. Redken shampoo/conditioner packetsx2 - Meh I dont like things that come in these packets much they are hard to open especially when you are in the shower & they only last one use for me (they are 10ml each - I have super thick and long hair)
3. MARK lipstain in frilly froufrou - Only tried it once, not super impressed, more of a sheer wash of color, glossy finish not like a lipstain at all but more of a lipgloss, it smells good though but its on the thick side.
4. MARK mini polishes - I love the shades, I recently was looking at a mark catalogue at work and I saw these for $11 I think..theyre cute and definitely colors I would use!
5. MUFE eye/lip makeup remover - My friend bought the full sized version of this at sephora & I thought she was cray for spending $28 on makeup remover but once I tried it I see why, it works better than any liquid/cream makeup remover Ive tried, however I havent opened the bottle yet, may save it for when I go to hawaii because I still have a ton of my nivea cream makeup remover left over & I only use these when I have glitter eyeliner on or waterproof liner on.

VERDICT : Both boxes were a hit, honestly I cant pick one over the other even still after trying out most of the products & the video was my first impressions/swatches & all that good stuff..
sorry for such a long blogpost but hey attention to detail ;)
*pic & video by me*
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