March Glam Bag... a disappointment!

5 years ago

Hi everyone,

So my March glam bag is here and I have to say that it was a disappointment for me. Let me start of with the reason why I signed up for My Glam. It was because I thought that:

"Every month, you receive a brand new Glam Bag with 4 to 5 of our top beauty finds! These full-sized products or deluxe-sized samples are selected by our stylists for you to enjoy."

The products that I received this month (most of them) weren`t full-sized or deluxe-size. As you can see, I got:
- A sample of Pur-lisse moisturizer
- A sample of Murad eye cream
- A sample of Keracolor leave-in treatment
- A deluxe-size bronzer
- A full-size eyeshadow brush
- $25 gift card (if you spend $50 or more)

Moreover, I`m just tired of these kind of advertisement of trying to make you spend money on purpose. Last month bag was the same thing. They gave you a $100 gift card to use on NuMe hair products, BUT you can only use on specific items and all of them are OVER $100. Are you kidding me? Why should I pay over $100 for a hair straightener for an unknown brand? Yes, you gave me $100 gift card, but I gotta spend another $40 - $50 bucks (including shipping) for it. I`d rather spending that money on some known brand-name products.

I`m sorry if you`re Michelle Phan or MyGlam`s fan... I used to... Not anymore, ever since there`s just a lot of advertising purpose going on behind it. I feel like she`s no longer a humble girl just making honest Youtube videos like she used to be back in 2006. Now, everything that she does it`s pretty much to promote and advertise, and no longer speaks true to her heart.

I just have to give an honest review! And this will be my last subscription to MyGlam bag EVER! Subscription canceled!

I wanna know how you feel about this whole MyGlam thing. Are you subscribed to it? What are your thoughts about this???

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