March Fashion Favorites !

5 years ago

Let`s be honest, I`ve always been more into clothing than makeup which is why you hardly ever see me hauling in new beauty items or showing you any cool makeup looks. Don`t get me wrong, I love makeup as much as you guys do, heck I would never be without it, but I am pretty content with what I currently have and will never purchase more makeup than I need, because let`s face it, makeup, believe it or not, does have expiration dates.

Clothing on the other hand is something I never get sick of buying, and if you read my clothing hauls, you probably know why. I sometimes get clothing items for much much less than what a lipstick or blush would normally cost, even at drugstore prices. There was a time I went crazy over buying loads of NYX round lipsticks, and now every time I look at them I tell myself "man, I could of bought myself a pair of shoes with that money I just threw away". Not that I don;t like NYX lipstick, but out of the many that I own I probably only use a few of them.

I completely understand that the vast majority here on Luuux is more into makeup than clothing but for those of you who would much rather see a Fashion Favorites post rather than a Beauty Favorites post, this is for you. Everyone else is welcome too of course :)

From now on, every month not only will I do a beauty favorites post (when I remember to do so), I will also do a fashion favorites post. That is of course, if you guys don;t mind seeing these types of posts. Please let me know your thoughts and opinions. I would gladly appreciate them.

Now on to my favorites this month.....

1. Express distressed cropped jean jacket- My sister gave this to me for Christmas 2 years ago and I have worn it a lot since, especially as soon as Spring comes because I like to pair this jacket up with a cute romper or maxi dress. having a good jean jacket is a must have for Spring and Summer, especially for those days that get a little chilly in the evenings but are not cool enough to wear a full on jacket or sweater. They are also very versatile. I am also in the market for a cute denim vest. I have one that I thrifted a while back but it`s pretty loose on me so I am looking for something a little more fitted.

2. Mimi Chica High Low Chiffon Blush colored blouse- I have been really loving the whole high low trend. I actually just purchased a high low skirt in this same exact color at Forever 21 a few days ago. Anyways, I purchased this top a few months ago at Marshall`s even before I had even heard about the "high low" trend. this top is sold out at Marshall`s but I believe this brand is from Nordstrom`s so you may be able to find something similar there. What I love about this top is that it`s sheer enough for the Spring but can also be layered during those chilly Spring days. I am absolutely in love with this color because it`s the best of both world`s...color and neutrals. This is one of those tops you can easily dress up or down.

3. Cotton On Striped Blazer- This is probably my favorite blazer that I own and the funny thing is I just got it not too long ago. I had been looking for a striped blazer everywhere and couldn`t seem to find one that I loved until I saw this one on eBay. I hardly ever by clothes on eBay but since I knew this was by Cotton On I knew that it would fit me well. i have worn this blazer several times now and even did an ootd post with this not too long ago. Striped blazers are a good way to make a casual pair of jeans or pants look a it more interesting. They also look very well with colored jeans. So if you have been wondering what looks good with colored denim, a striped blazer is the way to go.

4. Louis Vuitton PM Tivoli monogram bag- After getting this purse from Luuux I feel like I no longer need to purchase any more bags for a long time. This bag is so beautiful, classic and will never go out of style. It also goes well with just about anything. You can wear it with the most casual of clothes to add some interest to your outfit, or wear it with a pretty cocktail dress. The only downside to this bag is that it can be pretty uncomfortable to wear especially if you are not used to wearing bags on your arm. I usually wear bags over my shoulder so this one took some getting used to. If you do plan on getting this bag from Luuux do keep in mind that you will have to pay custom fees depending on where you live since it is being shipped from Europe. I had to pay $200 but there are others here who have ordered a LV bag and had to pay less than I did. I know I talked about this bag in my Feb faves last month but thats how much I love it. =)

5. Mossimo Black Suede chunky heel pumps- I have a feeling that Steve Madden sells his designs to target because I have seen a lot of dupes for Steve Madden shoes at Target, this being one of them. I believe it was Mica who mentioned to me that she didn`t purchase these from their sale last month because she already owned the Steve Madden pair which looked identical. I looked up the pair she was talking about and it looked exactly like my cheapy Target brand shoes. The only difference of course, is the huge price difference. Believe it or not, these are super comfortable and I regret not having had purchased them in the fuchsia color they also had. They were just under $8 or $9 such a steal for such a great classic pair of shoes. I have worn them to death already and have even done a few ootd posts with them on.

6. H & M pyramid gold and cream cuff bracelet- This has been my go to piece for March (and for this month as well). i love wearing this on it`s own or stacked with my watch. It is such a pretty piece so if your H & M still has it (mine sold out), make sure to get it.

Let me know if you enjoyed this kind of post. If so, I plan on doing a fashion favorites post each month for you guys. if you think that it`s a complete waste of your time, please be honest and let me know so I won`t continue doing these. Don`t worry, my feeling won`t get hurt. :)

**Beauty faves coming soon!**

What was your favorite clothing item to wear for the month of March???

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