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March and April flew by really quickly for me. I totally forgot to do a monthly favorite for March so I figured I would just combine it with my April favorites. There aren`t too many favorites because I`ve been using the same products for both months. I haven`t purchased many new makeup products so I went back to using a lot of stuff that I already had :) .

<strong>Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua 30 Beige</strong>
<dd>I was looking for a new foundation and after reading so many people say the Vitalumiere Aqua is their HG foundation, I decided to splurge on it :) . I seriously love this foundation! The formulation is great and the coverage is good. Plus, the shade that I got matches my natural skin tone really well. I`ll try to do a more in-depth review when I have some time.</dd>

<strong>e.l.f. High Definition Powder</strong>
<dd>I purchased this powder awhile ago after reading so many good reviews. I wouldn`t say it`s the best powder, but I`ve been liking how it looks when I use it over my Chanel foundation. It really mattifies my skin and I like that it doesn`t leave a white cast. This is $6 on the e.l.f. website.</dd>

<strong>e.l.f. Powder Brush</strong>
<dd>This is a brush I`ve had for a really long time. A wasn`t really using it much, but I sort of rediscovered it because I found it to be the perfect brush to use to apply the High Definition Powder. You can find this brush on the e.l.f. website for $3.</dd>

<strong>eBay False Lashes</strong>
<dd>These definitely aren`t the best false lashes out there, but I like them because they`re cheap. I use false lashes fairly often so I like that I don`t have to spend so much money on these. I like to stack them sometimes to get a fuller look.</dd>

<strong>NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss Lollipop</strong>
<dd>I`ve been layering this lip gloss over a lot of different lip sticks and I really like the color. I`m not really great at describing colors, but I think it`s a nice nude color. One thing to note: there is a scent on this lip gloss. It smells like cherry or cherry medicine. I know that might be off-putting for some people, but I don`t really notice it too much.</dd>

<strong>Physicians Formula Happy Booster Glow & Mood Boosting Powder Translucent</strong>
<dd>I picked this up awhile back on a whim because the packaging was so cute. I ended up really liking it because it actually does add a little bit of a glow to my face after I apply it. It adds a little bit of color because of the little pink heart. The only thing I`m a little if-y about is the shimmer in this.</dd>

<strong>Ralph Lauren Romance</strong>
<dd>I`ve had this fragrance sitting there for the longest time. It was actually in the original packaging for months before I opened it. I ended up really liking the scent and I was using it pretty often during the month of March. Romance is a feminine fragrance with a lot of floral notes.</dd>

<strong>Revlon Peach Parfait</strong>
<dd>It`s been awhile since the Lip Butters craze started, but I`m still loving the lipsticks from the collection. Peach Parfait is a color that I like to use under the NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss. I like the subtle hint of color that it has. The only downside is that I feel like there is too much shimmer sometimes.</dd>

<strong>Revlon Strawberry Shortcake</strong>
<dd>This is another Lip Butter that I`ve been reaching for a lot. I also like to layer the NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss over this sometimes. Though, I think it looks great on its own too. I feel out of all the Lip Butters I own, this one isn`t as moisturizing as some of the other ones. I always need to exfoliate my lips before I use this color because if I have any dry areas on my lips, then it emphasizes those areas.</dd>

<strong>WnW Comfort Zone Palette</strong>
<dd>I was a little late on picking up this palette, but I`m really glad I ended up purchasing it because I use it almost everyday! Besides my Naked palette, I think this is my second most reached for palette.</dd>

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