Marcelle Renforcils Eye Makeup Remover

I dont usually test a product out for months in order to form an opinion on a product, but I know that sometimes that has to happen when it comes down to certain claims, like the Marcelle Renforcils Lash Fortifying Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover ($17.50 CDN), coming next month to Canadian drugstores, claiming to make eyelashes stronger and more resilient. Stronger eyelashes = less fall out = fuller, healthier looking lashes. Im in.

The Packaging
The product comes in a squeeze tube package, something you would see for a moisturizer or hair gel. In fact, it looks quite like a hair gel! I like the packaging a lot because you can control exactly how much you use, and by default, less wasted product.

The Product
The product itself is a gel consistency. It is a micellar solution (I explain how these solutions work in my Marcelle Cleansing Water review)so its basically the same principle as a cleansing water but in gel form (at the launch party, they said that they found with their testing that the gel medium was the best way to deliver the nutrients & strengthening properties to the root of the lashes). Its oil free, so you wont have an oily-residue left over on your skin afterwards which is fantastic, especially for those with sensitive eyes (gone are the days of the dual-phase waterproof makeup removers)!

The directions say to apply it onto a cotton pad, then wipe away makeup. I dont do this. I just found the cotton pad pushed all the product into my eyes and didnt work so well. I just put a pea-sized amount on my fingers, and massage it into my eyelids/lashes (just watch the video review- I demonstrate how I use it)!

The Results
First things first, it works great as an eye makeup remover itself. I love the fact it has no oily residue and it really does get most of my waterproof eye makeup & mascara off (if theres a little left, my regular face cleanser takes it off). It doesnt irritate my eyes, sting or anythingso even without the lash fortifying properties, its still a winner in my book.

I have noticed that not a single eyelash has fallen out during my nightly cleansing routine since I started using the product. I used to have my lashes fall out a LOT and this has really stopped it. I used to have a lot of bare spots on my lash line.especially after I stopped using RapidLashand they are all nicely filled back in now. I dont know what else to attribute that to, so Im thinking this product does work for me!

Overall, whether it is the miracle worker behind my stronger, thicker lashes or not- its still a fantastic eye makeup remover and one that Ill continue to purchase and use. Its like a soothing gel eye mask each night and Im really happy with it. As for the price tag, it is a bit steep for a drugstore product, but Ive been using it for nearly 3 months and Im not even half-way done the tube. This stuff lasts!

Price: $17.50 CDN
Availability: Marcelle (in February 2012)
Overall: Soothing, oil-free gel that works great to remove stubborn waterproof eye makeup. No fall out lashes since Ive been using it, so I believe it does help make lashes stronger and more resilient!
Rating: A

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