Marcelle Essentials Purity Soothing Cleansing Water

Ive been a big fan of cleansing waters for a while- combining the ability of a cleanser with the feel of a water is just a really amazing experience, and you truly have to try it out to believe it for yourself (because I know I was sure skeptical the first time I tried)! Ive started using this Marcelle Essentials Purity Soothing Cleansing Water ($14.50 CDN) and here are my thoughts!

The Packaging
The cleansing water comes in a cylindrical bottle (quite a bit too- this bottle contains 200mL!) with a push-flip cap (I really have no idea what they are called, the type where you push one end and the other end pops up with a little hole to pour it out of.just look at the picture!). The packaging has to be the one thing Im really not a fan of when it comes to this cleansing water. I dont know if its just me, but oh my gosh I waste SO much product because I just cant pour it out of the hole to save my life. The pouring action is fine, but when I go to lift it back upright, I always dribble some product down the side of the bottle, without fail. Id MUCH prefer a pump-top or squeeze bottle!

The Product
Cleansing waters, micellar solutions, whatever you want to call them- these products feel like water, yet contain micelles (molecules that surround dirt, oil and makeup, yet are attracted to water on the outside so they rinse off easily) that make them so effective. The result? A super gentle liquid that feels like nothing at all, yet is powerful enough to remove all sorts of makeup. I find it a bit different on waterproof mascara (especially the amount I pack on) but Ill review the eye makeup remover that Im in love with soon (hint: it ALSO uses micellar technology)!

Ive tried several cleansing waters, and I have to say that this one is definitely my favorite because it has no fragrance (thank goodness- I detest fragrances in skincare) and it seriously rinses clean. Some cleansing waters try to do too much, and try to moisturize or tone afterwards, but I just find them leaving a weird film on my skin. I want this to do its job and nothing more leave that to my actual skincare products!

This is especially perfect for those who detest removing their makeup at night, and commit the horrible sin of falling asleep with it on! Leave this and a stack of cotton pads at your nightstand, and give a quick swipe when youre tucked in to leave your skin fresh and clean. Works incredible for touch-ups or fixing little mistakes with q-tipsand above all, my favorite use? Its my BFF when swatching because it removes makeup without a trace and without irritating my sensitive skin! $14.50 CDN may be a little steep for a drugstore product, but Im telling you this stuff goes a long way- even with the massive amounts of swatching and testing I do!

Price: $14.50 CDN
Availability: Canadian drugstores (Visit
Overall: Love the product, dislike the packaging. Works wonders on quick fixes and total makeup removal, leaving skin fresh & clean with no irritation or residue.
Rating: A
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