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Summer 2011 has been gone, and summer 2012 will be on. For summer, the bathing suit is necessary. Also bathing suit shopping is almost every woman i know dreads. Now the idea of standing pretty much naked in front of a full-length mirror in room with terrible lighting is simply horrifying. It`s not fun, especially if you are unhappy about your weight or appearance. But there are several ways that you can make the experience more bearable!

Be Realistic About The Type of Suit That Is Right For Your Body
With so many styles of swimsuits available today, no matter your shape or size, you can find the right suit to fit and flatter your particular body type. Just be realistic in your expectations, and remember that 99.9% of women out there do not look like Victorias Secret models in their bathing suits!
Also, go shopping for a suit on a day that you are feeling good about your self and when you are in a good mood. If you already are feeling bloated and miserable because of PMS, its probably a bad day to go try on bathing suits.
Work With What Youve Got
Whats your bodys best feature? Do you have long slender legs? A flat stomach? A fab bustline? Try writing a list of your best assets before you shop. When you get to the store, look for suit features that flatter the top three things on your list.
Size Doesnt Matter
Maybe you normally wear a medium, but the swimsuit you adore fits only when you put on the large. No worries! Swimsuit sizes can vary dramatically from line to line, or even from style to style.
And when you find a suit you want to try on, take in two sizes: the size you think you should wear and the next size up. Try the larger size on first its a trick our mind plays, but you will feel much better about the situation if the larger size doesnt fit and you have to go down a size rather than go up a size.
Get a Tan Before You Shop
I always say that tan fat looks better than white fat! Its a joke, but there is also some truth to the fact that if you have a light tan, your skin just looks healthier (and slimmer) according to Andy Paige, beauty and style expert.
The lighter your complexion, the worse youre going to look in that first glance in the full-length mirror. Its all that flesh coming into view all at once that shocks the eye.
I have had great success with Jergens Natural Glow Express. Its a self tanner that is easy to put on, doesnt leave streaks, doesnt look fake, and the results show up fast. Word to the wise though, dont use the medium/tan if you are lily whiteit will definitely show streaks and look like a fake tan!
Wear A Thong
Okay, I know a lot of women are anti-thong underwear. I get that. But this might be the one time to make an exception!
Most stores require you to wear underwear when trying on swimsuits, and really, I wouldnt want to try them on without something protecting me from whoever put on the suit before me.
If you wear your regular full coverage panties, its distracting when you are assessing how the suit actually looks and fits because the panties will bunch and bulge as you try to tuck them into the suit.
And if you are still against wearing a thong, try to wear the skimpiest undies that you own. By wearing your skimpy panties, you will get a cleaner look and better idea about how the suit will actually look on you.
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