Marc Jacobs and his sculpture

Hello guys again !
I was never a fan of art. Ok i like fashion, some people said that fashion is an art but i am talking about paitings, sculptures you know. I was learning about them in Art in school but i wasn`t interested.
But that`s not what i want to say. Don`t you think that art in that days in little hmm, strange ? I saw few very famous paitings from 200-2012 and uhhh. One was just red page. Yeah, someone painted all page in red and that`s all. And it costs thousands of dollars ! Isn`t that little crazy ? Of course someone have bought it... We all could "paint" something like that... You don`t need to have talent or anything just red paint and that`s all. I saw few similar paintings like that, blue page, green, yellow page with pink dots. WTF ? It`s not art but all that people are too afraid to said this because someone could say that they don`t know what`s trendy now. But sorry, i am not afraid to say the true. For me art is when someone paint that good that you are wondering " is it paiting or photo ?". But not when someone make something that easy that even child could do the same...
I am writing all this because i found on the internet new sculpture. It was made by marc jacobs that very famous designer from Louis Vuitton. You could see it on the picture. I love marc jacobs he is such a great designer with talent. He always make unique collections and i love everything that he made for his own line and LV but... That`s just funny. I think that i don`t need to write and tell you what`s on the picture because we all know what that third finger mean. But really ? This is called art ? Everybody is of course saying "omg, so creative, he is a genius...". I totally don`t understand people. I see that today even a chair or old carpet could be an "art"..
What do you think ?
Do you like thag new "art" ?

*photo is not my*
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