Marbled Nails: Learn step by step

Learn how to make the famous marbled nails, nail a true success decorated!
Since the nails of Oriental women started to become famous for its decorations, colors, unusual, weird and cute applique decoration of nails began to be re-used woman among us, like fingernails marbled, with a different way of doing, with water, it has been successful among us.

Today we have various types of glazes, colors, textures even the stickers, but what `s out and about even the nails are decorated and glazed. Here we have the site we have step by step nail ombre and today we teach to do the famous marbled nails with water.

You will need:

- Nail polish remover;
- Stick orange;
- Tape;
- Washcloth or paper towel;
- Varnishes of two or more color tones talk to each other;
- Disposable cup with ice water.

Step by step to make marbled nails:
- To begin you must paint your nails with a base or clear sealant, white or income;

- Wrap your finger with the tape, since you will dip your nail into the cup with water. Let only part of the nail discovery. This step is only for your finger does not get too dirty;

- Ping the enamels in the center of the cup with water. Go dripping off one by one, alternating between the colors, the colors will spread in a circle, you should always runny glaze in the center of it;

- After seeing the glass enamels that will serve to cover your fingernail you can make an effect on enamels dropped with the help of a very thin straws or even a needle;

- Then you should soak your nails with it down to set the glaze on them;

- Shortly after you should get an orange stick and remove excess glaze that was on their toes, even with them in the water;

- Immediately remove excess, remove the fingers of water, glue and wipe off excess with nail polish remover.

You should replace the water in the glass every time you nail, it seems difficult, but is very fun to do.

To understand better watch the video below. It is in English, but it is super easy to understand.

This decoration can be done in all the nails, or even only one as an only child. It can be creamy with enamels, metal, you name it! I think pretty done with pastel nail polish, is very cute!

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