Manx Cat

4 years ago

Manx Cat is a breed of cat that originated in Britain (the Isle of Mann). The Manx cat is well known because of the fact that it is tail-less. Many people believed it had no tail because their tails were hunted for war prizes, so their mothers bit off their tails. However this is just a folklore. Not all Manx cats have no tail-some have bobtails. Because they are tail-less they cause many problems with their spinal cords, and some may grow up with hunchbacks. The cats have longer hind legs, therefore they can jump higher, and jump for longer distances. They have been in cat shows since the 1800s. Because of the high value of a no-tailed cat, many people went out hunting for them, and they were really close to being endangered. It is very rare to find a white colored Manx cat. Its usual color is grey with black stripes, like a tabby. Some breeders have tried breeding Manx cats with other cats, to make different types of stub-tailed cats. These cats are small to medium in size.

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