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hello, my friends.

Social networks are here to stay and expand in an increasingly automated. There for all tastes and sizes, it does not matter more to make new friends and publish personal photos, the important thing is to show what we like.

It started with the Pinterest but it soon became a social network too rosy and feminine. Men do not like to see their interests passed back for cupcakes, cakes and fancy clothes: Manteresting male is the social network, the Pinterest men. A baby only a month old.

The nail color, dream homes, clothing fashion, dogs or even various sweets have been replaced by beer, football, hamburgers, beautiful women, cars, electronics and stuff ... man. The Pinterest captivated female audiences but displeased the men who decided to create their own social network of interest to men. The creators are two men, of course: Jason, an entrepreneur and bacon enthusiast Brandon, the brain of the invention do not know if you like Mexican burritos or more than his wife. It is the first bookmarking website created by men and for men only.

The format is identical to the Pinterest, a screen where each user places the images he saw on the Internet and liked being able to catalog them and create specific tables for each theme. Just change the users and the likes ... in Manteresting are frequent images of games, sports, Star Wars parodies, technology, and of course, women. This social network, the images are not stuck with a pin but with a nail (nail).

The social network has two pages, one for "top rated" and another for the "Wall of Shame". Unlike Pinterest the Manteresting seeks to organize the home page avoiding the repetition of images, thus the user to move the cursor over an image there are two buttons "bump it", which takes the image to the most voted, and "shame it" that takes the image to the least votes. Another aspect that differentiates the Pinterest is no need for invitation to enter the social network.

The social network is new but its growth has been significant. It seems that men found the ideal spot for not having women around.

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