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Consistency in the manufacture of nails
1. Traditional manicure begins with that of the nail is removed the old varnish. To do this, with a damp cotton soaked with water to remove paint, clean up and hold on the entire surface of the nail. This process every nail. After removing the old nail polish to rinse.


2. Next step is to give it the desired shape of the nails, removing the bumps. If the nails are very long, they should be cut using special scissors, and then smoothed. This procedure should not be done on wet nails because it may lead to splitting nails.
The shape of the nail can be round, oval, square or pointed. Traditional nail attached to the oval shape because it is most comfortable at home and at work, and because the oval shape visually extend the fingers. If the nails are often cracks appear, then better to give the nails oval-square shape, this is the nail square with rounded corners.
Square shaped nails have strict form. Typically, this type of nail is not long and is samodo fingertip. Tapering of the nail is fully combined with long fingers.


3. After giving the desired shape, put your hands in a special solution for 5-10 minutes, it softens skin and provides hands skin soothing and relaxing effect.
The simplest solution is hot soapy water or a solution of sea salt. Although decisions may be more interesting and exotic.
4. Hands should be dry, then remove excess skin from the nail cuticle. There are two main ways to remove excess skin:
European way when the nail cuticle is moisture with a special cream, and then pushed back the skin with a spatula and do not injure healthy skin.
Technology where the skin is removed using scissors manicure. When performing this procedure has a risk of infection, so all instruments must be sterile.


5. Nails if necessary, polished smooth to all dents or irregularities.
6. Lacquer is apply of your choice. First, the basis is applied, then two coats of varnish and protective coating.

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