Manicure 2012 For Ladies

4 years ago

Manicure 2012

Lets start with the varieties of manicure, which are relevant in this season. In the first place is held firmly jacket or a French manicure . But this is not a rigorous combination of beige and white, in the new season stylists offer the most daring and unexpected combinations. For example, a turquoise base and purple tips.

Very popular and negative field jacket moon manicure . In this case, the color does not allocate part of the nail-growth, and its hole. In this type of manicure also welcome the most daring color combinations. To prefer the classic style the actual combination of white and black.

As regards the form of nails, then in vogue classic oval or almond shape, length is preferred average or even short. For girls who like to do nails, excellent output will be the aforementioned moon manicure, as with nails look shorter.

In the new season are fashionable bright and shimmering shades of paint. In the palette this year than white and black nail polish are pink, red, gray and blue tones, as well as shades of silver and gold. Very popular with iridescent paints polychrome effect.

The new nail design

Original and impressive look fingernails painted the same color, but with a gradual transition from light to dark shades. This manicure is a snap to make, we just need to remember school art lessons, the teacher demonstrated how to mix gouache to achieve the desired shade. To create a gradient or a stretch to two types of paint dark and light, as well as three cups, where you can mix the paint. Pour a light shade of paint in a cup and then add them to the different amount of varnish darker shade (eg, one, two and three drops, respectively). Then proceed to the coloring of nails in the selected order.

As for the design of nails, but now fashionable precise geometric patterns and straight lines. So popular in the past, flowers and snowflakes are gone. The main design to be individual and unique.

And the most important requirement of fashionable nail 2011 is a well-groomed hands and nails healthy neatness varnishing. It is necessary to avoid clutter patterns and ornaments on the nails, the main focus is the refinement and sophistication.

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