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4 years ago

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I`ve been living on the West Coast, Cali to be specific, for almost a year now and I can say the following statement with absolute certainty: ALL OF THE FOOD ON THE EAST COAST IS BETTER. All of it. When I move back there I will miss Sharky`s, Birds, & the cheesy popper things from Del Taco.. but that is all the West Coast has prevailed in thus far. Seriously though.

Anyway, when I first moved here I was craving a bagel and stumbled upon a Manhattan Bagel in Studio City and died a little. I didn`t think I`d find any good bagel places from the East Coast over here but low and behold I found one. Let me be frank and say that even NJ`s Manhattan Bagel is better but I`m working with what I`ve got.

I love bagels like a lot. They`re on the list of my top five favorite foods for sure. Today we went and I got an onion bagel (nom) and it was good (not east coast good, but good) and I figured I`d show you guys. Onions are my favorite bagel with cream cheese, for breakfast sandwiches I like plain bagels. I`m kind of ridiculous with how particular I am with how I like my food/the combinations I`ll eat but yes, Manhattan Bagel is still bomb regardless and you should all go if they`re close to where you live.

I`d also like to note that LA also does not have Ellios frozen pizza, Ssips, or Lipton veggie dip... WHAT DO YOU PEOPLE SURVIVE ON OUT HERE!!! (I kid, I kid).

Have you ever tried Manhattan Bagel?

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