Man U vs Real Madrid Who Will Win?

So the "boss man" is traveling for work & I`m watching a soccer match without him say what?!?! I guess all those weekend mornings of me typing away on the computer & him watching soccer has finally rubbed off on me. I don`t have any particular team I really cheer for. Football is my sport, especially College Football. Over the years I turned my boyfriend into a Michigan fan, and since his team`s Arsenal I guess I don`t have a choice but be an Arsenal fan. I do like their playing style, so it works.

I know today`s match is a HUGE one, but I`m actually more excited for the <strong>Shakhtar, Dortmund</strong> game later today since I am Ukrainian. I was at their stadium this past summer during the Euro Cup and it`s one of the nicest stadiums I have ever seen.

Ok SO back to the Man U, Madrid game
Rooney is benched? That`s not very smart. I can`t stand Ronaldo so I really do hope Man U kicks Madrid`s butt! He`s such an arrogant. prima donna, cheap shot, whinny Ok you get the point.
I guess we`ll find out in 90 minutes who the winner will be. It should be a very interesting game to watch.

Ugh, now I have <strong>"The Champions"</strong> theme song announcement thing stuck in my head

1. Do you follow the Champions League?
2. Who do you think will win the Man U, Madrid game?
3. Who do you think will win the Shakhtar, Dortmund game?

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