Man that Paints With His... Brush!

4 years ago

For artists that are starving, you have to imagine that supplies can be hard to come by. Not for this English born, Australian resident. Painting in the buff is his trademark. His brush? Well... let`s just say it`s hard and long. The 62 year old artist gets dozens of requests a week thru his website that pays a couple of hundred to have their portrait painted with his... brush. Yes the long, hard thing again. For $150 more he`ll even include a video showing him painting your portrait.

Now you might be thinking, one of two things... Where do I get my portrait done!!! Well probably not that one. Then you must be thinking WHAT THE HECK?! Well, it`s not as uncommon as you think. You shouldn`t be so surprise given that people paint with their menstrual period or even their feces so why not a long hard... brush!

Talk the TALK
1) What do you think of Pricasso`s art? Yes, that`s his artist name. LOL
2) Have you ever dreamt of painting with your NO NO area?

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