Mammoth Hot Springs - Yellowstone National Park

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The Mammoth Hot Springs are located near the northern entrance of Yellowstone National Park. The water that feeds the hot springs comes from the Norris Geyser Basin after traveling under a fault line. These hot springs have a unique feature caleld terraces, which are geologic formations that have come about from the heat, flowing water and limestone. Terrace Mountain at the Mammoth Hot Springs is known as the largest carbonate depositing hot spring in the world. Since it does lie on a fault line, earthquake activity has shifted the vent for the spring and caused some of the springs tto be dry. The carbonate kind of looks like snow to me in some pictures. I don`t know if some of you remember back to biology classes of high school and university that the groups of bacteria that live in extreme conditions like extreme heat are called thermophiles and create a lovely assortment of colors like the yellow and oranges. Ooo science word haha j/j.

Have you ever gotten the opportunity to visit Mammoth Hot Springs?
Did you learn about extremophiles and thermophiles back in school if you remember?
Do the carbonate deposits remind you of snow in a way?

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