Male-Only Nude Yoga - Now That`s Some Strange Yoga

5 years ago

I have mentioned before in posts how Yoga can be good for you in terms of health/fitness and improves flexibility, so if you can, you should do you yoga.
The better way to do yoga is with classes where you have a instructor that can help you but i have just read about a type of class that might be one of the strangest classes of all - a male exclusive yoga class.

Michael Gates teaches a different yoga class where the participants have to be completely naked and its exclusive to guys, that have to pay 20$ to be in the class.
The concept behind losing all the clothes is that Michael sees clothes as an armor and doing yoga without clothes would be like a free experience.

Now i kinda get the concept of the clothes being an armor and all that, but yoga naked? Full of guys? You know that yoga has some strange positions and exercises that in my opinion are not that appropriate to do naked next to someone lol
I know one yoga class i would skip lol but regular yoga i wouldn`t mind trying, it can be very positive.

<strong>What do you think of naked yoga ( men or woman)?
Would you ever do it?</strong>

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