Mak`s Wishlist: Google Nexus 7

4 years ago

For those of you who know me on Luuux, you`re probably asking, don`t you have like 10 tablets already? LOL

I had the iPad 3 (The new iPad) and Acer Iconia A500 only. But this past week I sold my Acer Iconia. Acer Iconia is an Android Tablet that has a lot of things that the iPad doesn`t. Including Flash support, mini HDMI, memory card slot, etc. But it was still no iPad. One thing APPLE does REALLY well is their screen. As good as Iconia was, it was nowhere as responsive as the iPad. Samsung Galaxy is suppose to be very good, matching the iPad. But now the Nexus 7 is suppose to be amazing as well BUT also have the latest Android operating system.

I really would love to see the Nexus 7 in the shop instead of say, the Kindle. The only downside I see of the Nexus 7 is its meager camera. Only a forward facing 1.3MP which is beyond weak.

Talk the TALK
1) Do you have a Google Nexus 7? What do you think of it?
2) What do you consider the best tablet?

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