Mak`s Swimming Update!

4 years ago

My daughter`s on her 3rd week of Swimming class while I took my first week of swimming class this week. Watching my daughter in her swimming class really puts me on edge. She`s the smallest in her class. All the other kids are at least one head taller than her. I think my daughter is the only one whose feel cannot touch the ground on the shallowest part of the pool. But you know what, she LOVES the class. Perhaps a bit too much! If you see in my pictures, she`s just smiling all the time. She`s not doing too great in that she has a weak upper body so she stops stroking while all the other kids pass by her. I joked to my friend Joe whose in my adult swimming class that watching her swim is as painful as watching him swim. =)

So my first swim class was this past week and it wasn`t as good as I hoped. I hate the facilities. It`s at a local college and the pool lockers are small which is expected. But the bad thing is they have classes for what seems like a thousand high school/college kids at the same time so they`re all surrounding me while I change and the floors are all wet. And it`s never a good thing when you`re swimming in the water and you pass by a used band aid. ~_~ GROSS!

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1) Do you know how to SWIM? Who taught you?
2) Do you avoid public pools like the black plague that fills them???
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