Mak`s Seven Inch Dilemma

4 years ago

I`ve been contemplating getting a mini tablet for awhile. That`s of the seven inch variety. And I`ve pulled the trigger twice only to cancel the order twice.

When the mini iPad when on sale I placed my preorder the same day. But I wasn`t one of the early ones so my order wasn`t expected to be shipped for 2 weeks. When they first announced the specs I wasn`t blown away. But it was still a very neat device. I had wanted something smaller that would fit more comfortably in my hands as well as my daughters.

A week later though I cancelled my order. It was just too overpriced at $329 considering that they had an inferior screen to the Google Nexus. So my next target was the Google Nexus. But I wanted to get a good price. I had my eyes set on the 32GB version that was just announced and Radio Shack had a good deal with $25 off. But after taxes and such the price came out to $249. Which was still not a bad price, basically I wouldn`t have to pay shipping and my taxes was covered by the discount. But within a half hour I cancelled my order. It just wasn`t good enough discount for me. I considered that Black Friday is coming up very shortly, let me wait and see what deals are available then.

So that`s my seven inch dilemma. (Yes, technically iPad Mini is 7.9 inch... )

Talk the TALK
1) Have you bought a Google Nexus or iPad Mini? What do you think of it?
2) If you haven`t bought one which one would you consider getting?

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