Mak`s Review: Superior Spider-Man #1-3

4 years ago

Let me first say I am a huge fan of Amazing Spider-Man #700 and the issues that led up to it. I thought that the change was a good and interesting twist to a relatively stale title as of late. In case you haven`t read about it, there are going to be spoilers galore on that issue as well Superior Spider-Man #700.

So just a brief recap, in case you didn`t read #700, Peter Parker is dead. Or is he? Doctor Octopus is a weak old man dying of old age. A nemesis of Spider-Man ever since his first appearance in Amazing Spider-Man #3, he can be considered as an egotistic genius utilizing the robotic (Octopus) arms that he had invented. A mad scientist that he is, he develops a plan to escape death by switching the minds of himself and Peter Parker. In the final pages of Amazing Spider-Man we witness the death of Doctor Octopus with Peter Parker`s mind still in the body. Doctor Octopus meanwhile experiences all the memories of what it means that with great power comes great responsibility of Peter Parker. So a new super hero is born?

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