Mak`s Review: Parker Screening

4 years ago

Yesterday I was able to catch a review of Parker courtesy of I bet many of you didn`t know I am 1/24th Latino! LOL

Parker is your typical Jason Statham movie. Which may be a good or bad thing depending if you like his movies. Personally, I love his movies. It reminds me of the movies Steven Seagal and Jean Claude Van Dam use to do. In Parker he plays an ass kicking con man that is crossed by his partners on a job. And of course on principle he has to get his share of the money he`s own after they left him for dead. The rogue crew`s next job is in Palm Beach so that`s where Parker heads for revenge which brings in Jennifer Lopez.

I absolutely hated her character. And I think all women should hate her portrayal as a money grubbing woman in heat latino. The only thing she was good for was for the above pic, when Parker checks her for a wire. EYE CANDY.

Overall, I would recommend this film. Though if you`re not a fan of Jason Statham`s other movies you definitely would not enjoy this.

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