Mak`s Review: Expendables 2

4 years ago

This post was suppose to be called Mak`s Review: Hit & Run, but when you have a chance to see a better film you take it. You see, I had screening passes to see Hit & Run that stars Kristen Bell, but once I was in the theater, my friend and I opted to see Expendables 2. We both love action films and you just cannot pass up seeing it if you do.

Now I had already read Marilyn`s review prior to seeing the movie that you can find here:

So I thought she made a spoiler about a certain character. So in the beginning of the movie as I was watching it, I kept expecting him to die. Okay this part. And then, oh this must be the part. LOL

Anyway if you don`t want to be spoiled stop reading here.

As you may have read online there are quite a few new ACTION heroes in this moving including Jean Claude Van Dam who plays the villain, hilariously named Vi Lain. There`s also newbies Liam Hemsworth, Yu Nan (beautifully pictured above), and CHUCK NORRIS! The whole movie is full of action as you might expect. And they do it with quite a lot of gore! Bullets to the head with blood flying everywhere gore! Lots of humors with the old actors Arnold, Bruce Willis and Sylvester Stallone poking at fun at each other`s movies and age. For example at one scene`s Arnold`s character would yell out Bruce Willis`s Die Hard character famous line "Yippee ki yay." Or when Stallone`s character is given an old plane by Bruce`s character. Stallone`s character says "This plane should belong in a museum." Arnold`s character reply "We should all be put in a museum." referring to himself, Bruce and Stallone. LOL

Some parts were a little bit awkward. Like Chuck`s character. It might have been done for some humor. But his scenes are just weird to me. And Arnold shooting with a gun just doesn`t look natural. He has that long coat on, covering up his body. I guess he`s just not as in shape as the other guys anymore perhaps? Overall, I would highly recommend this film!

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