Mak`s Review: Divas in Distress

4 years ago

It`s been ages since I`ve caught up on any TVB series. TVB is Hong Kong`s main channel for serial shows. Their series usually run from about 20-30 episodes. Some have been known to run in the hundreds. But usually is the case is that you know when the series will end unlike American series where each season is renewed and each season may be it`s last.

The first TVB series I watch was Divas in Distress which is a lighthearted comedy series. That`s actually my preference then followed by martial arts series. I really enjoy the two main female actresses. They`re both quite cute and play their roles very well. My least favorite character would be Vincent played by actor Him Law. His character is so stand offish. You can`t just buy into the idea that any women would fall in love with him.

Spoiler coming up... Skip if you plan to watch. By the way, all TVB series even though has Chinese (Cantonese) dialogue, you can often find with English subtitles if you look hard enough.

Spoiler... Ridiculous ending. If you ever see the movie Seeking a Friend for the End of the World starring Steve Carrell. Than the ending is pretty much that. ~_~ C`mon.

Overall, the series is not bad, but could be a lot better. I would recommend it to friends that I don`t particularly like. LOL

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