Mak`s Review: Disney`s Brave

4 years ago

I wasn`t gonna do a post on Brave because a few members has already done so including Marissa. But since Marilyn asked so nicely here it is... =)

Brave is a Pixar film and like all Pixar films they start off with a short film. In this case it`s titled La Luna. Let me say this is one of the cutest short films I have ever seen! It tells of a family of sweepers with a grandpa, and father teaching the young son their ways. Now what is it that they sweep you may ask? If you don`t want to spoil it for yourself, skip this paragraph...

Well, you continued reading, I guess I`m not that boring after all. LOL The family sweeps the moon. LOL How they get up to the moon is pretty cute. And what they sweep is even more cuter. I won`t tell you how and what, but leave those for you to watch in the theater!

Now on to Brave. Great great animation as Pixar is always known for. Great characters that you can attach yourself to. The rebellious daughter, the overbearing mother, and the naughty kids. Merida, the newest Princess to join Disney is much stronger than past Princesses. In fact, you can say there are no strong lead male characters at all in this film. What you`ll like... the interaction with Merida and her mom is touching and uplifting. What will move you, the fate of her mom and the story of the old kings of ancient times. What will make you laugh... The three naughty little brothers. =)

To me this is definitely a good watch. The only thing I was a bit surprise is that I went with my daughter who turned 6 earlier this month and she was very terrified at a lot of the scenes. I know a friend who has a boy who`s just a few months older than my daughter who went and he had to leave the theater because he was too scared. I didn`t find it too scary but I would say not recommended for below 7!

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