Mak`s Review: Cirque Du Soleil Worlds Away 3D

4 years ago

I got to attend a screening of Cirque Du Soleil Worlds Away 3D Wednesday evening courtesy of Paramount. They actually had two of the acrobats there that were contortionist taking pictures with whoever wanted to.

Now the movie... Well I`ve seen one of their live shows before which was Ovo, they had in New York City on Governor`s Island before. I did not really enjoy it actually. I got a discounts on the seats then and I still paid about $75. I actually saw similar acrobatic stunts just a month earlier in Seaworld which was INCLUDED with admission so I thought it was a bit of a ripoff.

So again the movie... I did not like it. The acrobatics were of course very cool. But my attention span for similar acrobatics and amazing costumes and scenery only hold my attention so far. There`s a story to the movie... I think... SPOILER, there`s only about 2 or 3 lines of dialogue the whole movie, so yeah, I was yawning a lot. NOW, if you like Cirque Du Soleil shows you may like the movie. However, my brother in law which saw the screening as well and attended several live shows thought it was boring as well. It`s just not what you expect as a movie. Maybe a direct to video movie. It`s definitely better suited for home though the larger screen in the theater is great, I would not want you to pay $15-20 for this movie!

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1) Have you ever attended a Cirque Du Soleil movie before?
2) Are you planning to watch this movie? (I hope you don`t have to pay full price!)

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