Mak`s Review: Amazing Spider-Man

4 years ago

I got to see a screening of the Amazing Spider-Man tonight and I... ENJOYED it. I didn`t want myself to, as I hate the very idea of reboots. C`mon, how many times we`re going to reboot Spider-Man and Batman and Superman! Okay this is only the first reboot of Spider-Man. I`ll give them that.

Toby McGuire, I`ve never been too big a fan of. Andrew Garfield on the other hand... Does a Spectacular Peter Parker. As Spider-Man he`s passable.

The storyline... Spoiler Alert! Skip if you don`t want to know...

Peter`s Dad is a genetic scientist that works with Dr. Curt Connor. Peter`s mom and dad mysteriously dies in a crash leaving Peter in the hands of his Aunt May and Uncle Ben. Fast forward many years, Peter discovers some old files of his dad and goes looking for Dr. Connor. Peter becomes Spidey shortly after, while Dr. Connor becomes The Lizard later. Fight ensues, awesomeness.

Now on to the love of my love. At least currently. Emma Stone. She`s in this movie! I didn`t know. She does a great Gwen Stacy and she and Andrew plays well off of each other. This has translated off stage as they`re dating each other. Lucky @&#^@&.

When watching the film there is a bonus clip midway through the credits. NO Nick Fury does not show up to recruit Peter for Avengers 2~! LOL It involves Dr. Connor and a future villain that is not fully shown.

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