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4 years ago

Yeah I`m not really good with titles. LOL. The alternative was "Slather Me Up With Lotion Won`t You?" =)

Today`s Beauty post is about sunscreen lotion. And boy do I have a lot of it. My sisters have been telling me there are expiration dates on these things, but for the life of me I can`t find one! So I recently bought a new one at Target which is a two pack of the Banana Boat Kids one. It comes with a spray on and a lotion both SPF 50+

Here`s a few things I`ve learned about sunscreen and why you should use it.

1) Getting sun burn just twice in your life in the same area greatly increases your risk of getting skin cancer. I saw a study some where. I don`t remember the exact source, but you`ll have to take my word for it.

2) Spray on`s while making life easier are actually not good for you. The reason why is that a lot of times you`ll inhale the stuff. Yes the new one I got including a spray on. Here`s a few tips. DO it OUTSIDE only. Have the subject hold their breath and look the other way. Only spray below the chest and not above the shoulders. For the face area and shoulder. Spray a little into your hands and rub it on your face.

3) As I said before Sunscreen has an expiration date. My sister`s told me so, so it has to be true. =P What? You don`t trust your older siblings??? Anyway, supposely, the sunblock loses its effectiveness of blocking out the harmful ways over time. So your SPF 50 5 years later is probably as effective as a SPF 30.

4) Anything above SPF 30 is actually an overkill. This I heard from the same source as #1. So basically, SPF 1000 or SPF 100 will provide you with the same amount of coverage of SPF 30. The higher numbers are just marketing ploys to get you to spend more.

5) Kids are allergic to certain sunscreen! I never knew that until another parent told us to stop and ask what brand it was. Good thing we didn`t kill the kid. o_O

Talk the TALK
1) What sunscreen do you use to protect yourself?
2) Can you tell me how to find the expiration date of a sunscreen?

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