Mak`s Men in Black 3 Review + Luuux Meet Up!

4 years ago

Today I got to see Men in Black 3 in 3D. It was the first time I got to see in the VIP section, woo hoo! I had recently met a person that work with a company that distributes these screening passes and she HOOKED me up. Did I say Luuux Meet Up?! Not THAT Meet Up. More on THAT Meet Up shortly. I always able to hook up /member/ronni-tan with VIP passes too. What a nice person she was. =) My thoughts on the movie... This movie while a big improvement from the second movie (which I do not remember at all) was a good movie. Not mind blowingly good, rush to the theaters now movie, but well put. The movie starts off a bit slow with the dialogue between Agent J (Will) and K (Tommy Lee) about as interesting as paint on wall drying. Of course that`s kind of what they intended but they did it a little TOO well. The movie really picks up though when J time jumps to the past to save his partner. Is it non stop action after that? No not really. In fact it still moves along at a slow pace, but moves along nonetheless quite nicely with some really good humor and action every so often. The real topping of the movie is how they tie everything together between J and K and why K is the way he is. I won`t reveal it, but it`s really touching at the end. Lastly, I gotta say Josh Brolin played a younger K superbly. Talk the TALK 1) NOW after reading my review are you gonna go see MIB 3? 2) Have you ever met a Luuux member before that you had not previously known? Well guess what you can! Luuux Meet Up in California on June 30th! Details here...

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