Mak`s Madagascar 3 Review

4 years ago

This morning my family and I got to see a free screening of Madagascar 3: Europe`s Most Wanted. As the title implies, this time they`re stuck in Europe. In the second movie they were stuck in Africa. The movie starts off with the Penguins leaving with the Chimps for Monte Carlo leaving the 4 buddies behind. Missing their old New York City zoo life, they head off to Europe to get the penguins back to get back to New York. Why not just head back to New York City directly? LOL

Anyway, the movie is hilarious. The funniest scenes to me involved the minor characters the Lemurs. Especially the side kick and the cute little one!

Overall I would highly recommend this movie. The jokes are pretty fresh which you wouldn`t expect from a sequel in its third iteration. They have great actors voicing the characters continuing their roles like David Schwimmer, and Chris Rock.

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