Mak`s Iron Man 3 Review

3 years ago

The latest installment of Iron Man brings much of the same that you saw in the first two film. A nice mixture of action and comedy leaves you at least contempt of some consistency. Iron Man 3 focuses on the Extremis story line of the comic book from 2005-2006 with his main adversaries the Mandarin and Aldrich Killian,

Extremis is a type of virus created by scientist Maya Hansen (played by Rebecca Hall in the movie) that regenerates the body from crippling injuries. Individuals subjected to Extremis appears to not only be able to regenerate their body including whole limbs but can burn through things with their touch and have augmented strength and speed. I`ve heard about the story line before in the comic book but was never really into it. The movie starts off with a flash back where Tony Stark meets both Maya Hansen and Aldrich Killian. Aldrich Killian played by Guy Pearce is a disabled scientist seeks out Tony to join his company Advanced Idea Mechanics (AIM) but is brushed off by Tony. AIM in the comic books is a terrorist group consisting mostly of scientists that uses technology for global conquest. Fast forward to the present, the world`s law enforcement agencies are baffled by the recent string of explosive attacks that leaves no evidence of a bomb by the Mandarin and his group. But just who is this Mandarin?

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