Mak`s iPhone 5 Sneak Peek!

5 years ago

Now that the New iPad is released the next big anticipation is the iPhone 5. I`m actually looking forward to this. I had own the 2nd generation of iPhone on AT&T but found it to be quite expensive month to month in a single plan. Now that I`m in a family plan in Sprint, here`s what I`m looking for:

4.6" vs. 3.5" screen. I currently own the HTC Evo and have tried the Galaxy SII and I have to say bigger is better. Especially with my big fingers it`s a bit hard to type sometimes on the iPhone. There were rumors that the new iPhone 5 could go the route of 4.6" screen, but the latest reports are shooting that down. APPLE, please, please go 4.6"!

4G LTE I think is more of a given than all the other rumors. I`m really happy about this. But remember I`m on Sprint. On the good side Sprint offers unlimited data. On the minus? Sprint doesn`t have 4G LTE network yet!!! They`re rushing to build it and there are rumors that this is actually driving Sprint to bankruptcy! =(

Other rumors:
NFC capability, that is being able to buy things with just the wave of your iphone. I don`t think it`s likely in iPhone 5.

Revamped designed - Possible but I think it`s pretty cool looking now.

All glass casing - Please don`t. Glass and clumsy hands do not go well together. While it`ll look good, and I`m sure it`ll use stronger glass such as Gorilla Glass. Accidents happen.

A6 Processor, Stronger Camera - Highly likely if it wants to compete with Samsung`s line of phones.

Release date of Sept/Oct - Highly likely. Time flies fast and I can wait another six months if need be. =)

Talk the TALK
1) What do you think of the upcoming iPhone 5 with the above rumors?
2) What would you like to see in it?

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