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4 years ago

I preordered the iPhone 5 on the release date but in the afternoon that Friday. So I wasn`t among the ones that got it right away. I did get it a lot quicker expected. I got this past Tuesday and was thrilled to open the box!

Then the phone dropped out of the box! ~_~

You see, the type of boxes they use sometimes get stuck together so I was pulling and pulling and it opened rather violently. Luckily I was close to the ground AND the new iPhone is made of tougher Gorilla glass. So no damage. LOL Whew close call!

In my hands I can feel how amazingly light it is. It`s very sleek and long. Compared to my HTC Evo you can see a big difference in the weight and thinness. Powering up and activating it was quite easy. And now on to the 4G LTE...

FAIL. Sprint doesn`t have a 4G LTE network available in New York City. Okay I expected this. WHAT I didn`t expect was, that the data was connecting at the slow 3G!!! I researched online and found out that there is no 4G for the iPhone 5. Only 4G LTE or 3G. ~_~

I haven`t had a chance to use the new Map or improved SIRI yet, but just opening up some old APPS that I have like Plants vs. Zombies I noticed one thing. The old APPS does not fill up across the whole 4" screen. I can`t say it`s really surprising but it just irks me a bit.

From all of the above you`ll think I hate the phone. I don`t hate the phone but a lot of things can be better. For example if you`re on AT&T or Verizon you`ll probably already have 4G LTE in your area so that wouldn`t be FAIL for you. The good things like the camera, the speed more than makes up for the negatives for me thus far.

Overall, I would still highly recommend this phone. If you have Sprint though I would wait another month to get it.

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