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5 years ago

I was able to catch a free movie screening of this Thursday evening before the general public. Since a lot of people had already written reviews I wasn`t going to til Sarah Howard asked me to. So here we go...

First off I read the first book before seeing the film, and was almost done with the second book.

I have to say that the movie followed the book very closely. However, given the duration of the movie, the movie skipped A LOT of what was in the book. So if I had to recommend you to read the book OR watch the movie, I would definitely say read the book. BUT if you don`t plan to read the book, is the movie good on its own? YES. The movie explains enough of what is going even with the little details left out. Sure I would`ve love to see more on the background of Rue that was in the book or the building of the characters and relationship more that was in the book. But the movie as an action film was pretty good.

Now if you have seen the movie and have not read the book, go read it. It`ll fill in a lot for you.

Katniss was well played by Jennifer Lawrence. I was a bit surprised to see Woody Harrelson as Haymitch but he did a decent job. Lenny Kravitz did well as Cinna too.

This is a PG-13 movie and while there may be younger kids that read the book, there is a lot of violence in the movie even the whole premise is kinda extreme.

Finally, if you really like this film check out the Japanese film Battle Royale. Similar concept and quite awesome!

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