Mak`s App Review: Fix-It Felix Jr

4 years ago

If you recognize the screenshot, that means you`ve been to a movie theater recently. You see, there`s a movie coming out in November of which this game is based on.

The game Fix-it Felix Jr. is free to play on both the iPhone and iPad by Disney. It`s an old style game like Donkey Kong where you move around the screen with simply up down left right controls to avoid obstacles.

The graphics are horrible intentionally as it`s a throwback game to the 1980s. But if you`re a fan of that generation of arcade games than you`re right at home. At the same time it can also be a nightmare I found for the controls on the ipad at least. Because I often would miss an up or down or etc button because it`s spaced too far apart on the iPad.

The goal of the game is simply for Fix-It Felix to fix windows on each level while avoiding birds while Wreck It Ralph the villain of the game throws brick at you. I got up to level 5 of this game before taking a breather. But to my dismay as old arcade game there were no SAVE function. =( I know they are trying to recreate an old style game but you need a freaking SAVE function!!!

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1) Have you seen the Wreck it Ralph movie trailers in theaters?
2) Do you like old style arcade games like Ms. Pac Man, Frogger, Burger Time? What`s your favorite?

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