Making your hair grow faster .

O1 ;; Eating Healthy
-Eating healthy is very important if you want your hair to grow faster && healthier.
-Eat protein. Protein makes amino acids && that is what helps your hair grow.
-Vitamin B, C, zinc, & iron are also essential for hair growth.
-Drink plenty of water. Not only is this good for your hair, but your body too.

O2 ;; Brushing, Hairstyles , etc .
-Brush your hair at most, twice a day.
-Use a detangler to minimize pulling.
-Avoid heat without heat protecting, & go natural more often. This will prevent damaged hair.
-Trim your hair at least once every month
-Try not to color your hair a lot.
-Avoid hairstyles that are too tight.
-Get a good shampoo & conditioner .
-Use a good volumizer

O3 ;; Eating Healthy, Sleep, etc.
-Avoid Stress
-Maintain good health


Hope this helps! Have something else to add? Comment below .

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