Making perfume scent last longer

4 years ago

Making your perfume scent life to last longer depends on how heavy you choose your fragance to start with. The heavier the fragrance`s scent are (e,g vanilla, lavender) the longer the scent would stay. The lighter and more airy your fragrances are the faster the scent would fade.


Choosing a scent that will last longer
*citrus and airy fragrance tends to fade faster*
*musky and woody tends to be heavy so it lasts longer,the oil of the fragrance fades slower*

spraying after stepping out of the shower will make the scent last longer, because after showering your pores are opened.

If you have dry skin, moisturizing your skin before applying your perfume will make it last longer.
*oils on the skin traps the scent note so it tends to last longer*

spray before wearing your clothes

spraying on your clothing, can evetually stain them

mist your hairbrush lightly, comb it through your hair

spray on wrist, neck, knee, behind ear, more
*these places are more heated*

<rule of thumb: scent life are usualy around 4-8hours>

hope this help you ;)

Thank you for reading !

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