Making Mulled Wine

3 years ago

Around the holidays, mulled wine is perfect. It`s hot, it`s got holiday spice, and it`s alcohol. Yay! Haha :)

Now, there`s the `real` way to make mulled wine, and then there`s the easy way. The real way involves buying all the mulling spices separately, which I was originally going to do, but it gets very expensive. The easy way is just to buy the mulling spices already put together. That`s what I did!

Target`s Archer Farms brand has their own mulling spice mix. All you have to do is add it to the wine! I make my mulled wine in a crockpot instead of a pot because that way you can keep it on `warm` all day and not have to worry about it accidentally boiling over or anything. You just add the spices right to the crockpot, let them mix in to the wine for a bit, and that`s it! Nice and easy :)

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