Making Jap Chae Glass Noodles at Home!

2 years ago

Making Jap Chae at Home

If you follow my posts at all, you may have seen my post about Korean Glass Noodles or Jap Chae, or maybe my post from a Korean supermarket by my house, where I went and bought the ingredients for Jap Chae

I love Jap Chae (its probably my favourite Korean dish), so I was really excited to try and recreate it at home! I had the key ingredient for the dish, which is potato starch noodles or dangmyeon so I was on my way!

I borrowed the recipe from a YouTuber/blogger named Maangchi who is this cute Korean woman who makes Korean dishes.

You can see her original recipe here, but I ended up making a few adjustments for my family.

The original recipe calls for thinly sliced beef, but my sister doesnt eat beef so I substituted with some pork tenderloin instead. It also calls for about 3 table spoons of sugar, and I used some honey to sweeten instead since I avoid eating processed sugar as often as possible. I just mixed the honey in with the soy sauce and sesame oil so it wouldnt just coat one section of the dish.
I also added some bell pepper to the dish, since they add it at my favourite restaurant. Adding veggies is rarely a bad thing ;)

The most annoying aspect of this dish is that you have to make each item separately and combine them together afterward this definitely isnt a One pot sort of dinner!

But I love the flavour so much, it was well worth it the effort.

I did realize that I didnt cook the reconstituted mushrooms enough they were warm on the outside, but still cold on the inside, so I will play around with cooking time for that next time.

I think I am going to have to go back to the supermarket and get some more dangmyeon and make this again soon!


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